Sync leads from campaigns with webhook

Socital's webhook allows you to sync leads that subscribe to Socital campaigns to any other service that can receive webhooks.

You can also map the additional fields that Socital offers for each lead, such as gender and first name, to the service that will receive your Socital webhook.

How does it work?

Once you connect the Socital webhook with the other service, every time a lead subscribes to a Socital campaign they are sent to the service receiving the webhook.
There is no additional set up required in your Socital campaigns, leads from all your Socital lead generation campaigns will be sent to the connected service.

Connect Webhook in Socital

Log into your Socital account at
From the top right corner, open Account Settings.

From the left-hand menu go to the “Integrations” tab and click on "Webhook".

Enter an internal name for your Webhook and paste the Webhook URL provided by the service you want to connect.
Click on "Connect".

The Webhook was connected successfully.
Click on "Next".

Send Sample Data and map fields

If the service you are connected supports mapping fields, you can send sample data and map fields as instructed by said service.

Below you can find the fields and sample values that the Socital webhook sends to the connected service when available.

All Set!

Now every time a lead subscribes to a Socital campaign they are sent to the connected service through the Socital webhook. No additional set up is required in your Socital campaigns.

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