How to schedule a campaign

Schedule your campaign to activate or deactivate automatically at a later time,
like on Black Friday or when an offer ends at midnight.

  • You can schedule when your campaign will start or end or even both
  • You can schedule the end of a campaign that is already active.
  • You can re-schedule older campaigns.

How to schedule your campaign

To find your campaign, go to "Campaigns" from the navigation menu.

Find your campaign in the list and click on the schedule icon to open the campaign scheduler.

Here, you can choose the specific date and time that your campaign will start and/or end.
Timezone: the scheduled date and time is on your current timezone.
Once you have selected the date and time for the start and/or end of the campaign, click on Save.
The schedule icon is activated and has turned to blue.  Y our campaign is now scheduled.
When you re-open the scheduler, you can see a status label " Scheduled".
This means that your campaign is scheduled to start or end at the set date and time.

How to change an already scheduled campaign

If you want to make changes to an already scheduled campaign, simply re-open the scheduler by clicking on the schedule icon.
Make the desired changes and don't forget to click on Save.
When your campaign will activate or deactivate based on the set schedule, the status will change to "completed".

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