How to activate or deactivate a campaign

You can easily activate or deactivate campaigns from your Socital dashboard.

Have you installed the Socital script on your website?

You only need to do this once to make your campaigns visible to your visitors.
Then all it takes to launch a new campaign is to simply activate it from your dashboard.

You can also schedule your campaign to activate it automatically at a later time.

How to activate your campaign

To find your campaign, go to " Campaigns" from the navigation menu.

Find your campaign on the list and click on the status switch to activate your campaign.

Your campaign is now active and visible to your visitors.

How to deactivate your campaign

If you want to deactivate an active campaign, simply click on the status switch in the "Campaigns" list to deactivate it.

Your campaign is now deactivated and not visible to your visitors.

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