Installing Socital in HTML

To make your Socital campaigns visible at your website, you need to add the Socital script
into the code of your site. This needs to be done only once. 

You can also install Socital through the Google Tag Manager.

If you don't use the Google Tag Manager, follow the instructions below to add the Socital code directly into the HTML of your website.

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How to install the Socital code in the HTML of your website

Go to the Installation menu in your account settings to get your Socital code.

To find the Installation menu, go to your Account settings from the top right corner of your Dashboard.

Click on Installation from the left-hand menu and chose the HTML option.

Copy your Socital code and paste it into the <head> tag of your website.

Now that you installed your Socital script on your website, any Socital campaign that you activate from your Dashboard will be visible to your visitors.

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