Displaying a campaign on specific pages based on URL

There are different targeting rules to display campaign on specific pages of your website, based on the structure of the URLs.

Which targeting rule should I use?
Based on the structure of your website's URLs:

Find your campaign on the list at the View all Plugins page and open the campaign editor to add the targeting rule.

Click the "Edit" icon to open the campaign editor.

From the left-hand menu, go to Targeting.

Click on the dropdown menu to see the list with the targeting rules.

Select "Show on specified page only" from the list.

Click on the "+" button to add the targeting rule.

In the input that appears, add the URL of the page you want to show the campaign on.

You can either add the full URL of the page or the slug of the URL.

To add another page in your targeting rules to display your campaign on, just click on the "+" button again, to add as many as you need.

Your campaign will be displayed only on the pages you have specified in this targeting rule.

Show on groups of pages based on page URL

If you want to show a campaign on all the pages of a category or brand you can use an asterisk (*) in the targeting rule

For example, if you want your campaign to appear on all the pages that are under myshop.com/products/woman,
enter the following in the input field of the targeting rule  myshop.com/products/woman/*

All the pages that have URLs starting with /products/woman, such as /products/woman/shoes or even longer than that,
are going to have your campaign displayed.

You can even use the asterisk (*) in between the URL path. For example myshop.com/products/*/shoes.

Don't forget to save your campaign.

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