How to edit the success message of a campaign

Every lead generation campaign, meaning campaigns where visitors submit their information, shows a success message
every time a visitor opts-into the success screen.

You can edit this success message in the campaign editor and personalize it with the subscriber's name and email address.

How to edit the success message

While you are editing your campaign in the campaign editor, go to the "Success" section from the left-hand menu.

Edit the success message title and subtitle in the respective text editors.

How to personalize the success message

You can display the subscriber's name and email address in the success message.


Add the tag {{name}} in your success message.
If we capture a name (eg. from Facebook login) we will dynamically display it here.
If we don't capture a name we will fall back to the email address.

Email address

Add the  tag {{email}} in your success message. 

How to redirect to a page instead of showing a message

The default option for when a visitor opts-into a lead generation campaign is to show a success message.
You also have the option to redirect the visitor directly to a page, instead of showing a success message.

Note that they won't see a success message that they successfully subscribed, so make sure you have something similar in the redirected page.

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