How to create and configure a Facebook app

To add Facebook login on your Socital onsite campaigns, you need to connect a Facebook app to your account.

  • I don't have a Facebook app: follow the steps below to create and configure a new Facebook app.
  • I already have a Facebook app: make sure to configure Facebook Login to work with Socital before you connect it to your account.

How to create a new Facebook app

  1. Add New App
  2. Create a New App ID
  3. Configure App settings
  4. Configure Facebook Login
  5. Turn Facebook App to Live status

1. Add New App

You need a personal Facebook account to create a Facebook app.

Go to Facebook developers platform
If you don't have a Facebook developer account already, you will be asked to agree to the Facebook Platform Policy first.

In the Facebook developers platform home page click on "My Apps" at the top right corner.
Select "Add New App".

2. Create a New App ID
  • Display Name: This will be visible to your visitors during the Facebook login flow. Make sure you enter a recognizable name for your business.
  • Contact Email: Facebook may send alerts and notifications to this email address. Make sure you enter an email address that you regularly check.

Keep in mind, you agree to Facebook Platform Policies by creating a Facebook app.

Click on "Create App ID".

3. Configure App settings.

Click on "Settings" and then "Basic" from the left-hand menu to go to the App settings page.

  • Enter your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service URLs.
  • Upload an App Icon that will be displayed during the Facebook Login flow. Make sure that your visitors will instantly recognize your business from this icon (eg. your Logo). Requirements for the App Icon (your logo):
    • Dimensions: 1024x1024px or 512x512px
    • Transparent images only
    • Accepted file formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG
    • File size shall not exceed 5MB.
  • Chose a relevant category for your App.
  • Choose the Business Use for your Facebook App (most likely Support my own business).

Scroll further down in the “Basic Settings” page.
Click on “Add Platform” at the bottom of the page to add your website.

Select "Website".

Enter your website's URL.

Save Changes.Go to "Advanced" settings from the left-hand menu.

Set any restrictions if applicable (based on your business and products/services you sell).
Save Changes.

4. Configure Facebook Login.

From the left-hand menu, click on the "+" button next to Products.

Click on "Set up" on the Facebook Login card.

Click on "Settings" under Facebook Login in the left-hand menu.

In "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" enter the following URL.

Save Changes.

5. Turn your Facebook app to Live status.

Click on the status toggle to turn your Facebook app from "In Development" to "Live".

Click on "Switch Mode".

Your Facebook app is now live.

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