How to add Facebook Login to an onsite campaign

Besides the regular email sign up, you can also add Facebook login on your lead generation campaigns.

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Why you should add Facebook login to your campaigns

  • You will get the subscriber's first name and gender to personalize your email campaigns.
  • One-click subscribe to increase conversion rate.
  • No false email addresses with typos.
  • Verified email addresses from Facebook.

Have you created and connected your Facebook app? Make sure to do this first.

How to add Facebook login to your Socital onsite campaigns

Have you created and connected your Facebook app? Make sure to do this first.

Facebook login is available for lead generation campaigns, where the call-to-action is for visitors to submit their information.

To add Facebook Login you need to edit your campaign.
Once you have opened the campaign editor, in the "Set up" section, click on Facebook under "Identity Provider".

In the side panel that opens, select the Facebook App you have connected to your account.
If you can't see any Facebook app here, make sure you have connected a Facebook app to your account.

Click on Done.

Facebook login has now been added to your campaign!

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