Display types and templates

With Socital you get a variety of campaign display types and templates to use in different cases.

You can use all display types with all the different types of campaigns (eg. newsletter subscription, promote offers etc.)

Campaign display types:

How to change a campaign's display type

To change the display type of your campaign, open the campaign editor. At the " Setup" section, click on the dropdown "Display Mode" to select the display type for your campaign.


For each display type, there are different ready-made templates, which you can customize further.

To choose a template for your campaign, in the "Set up" section of the campaign editor, click on "Choose Template" to open the template gallery.

Attention: when you change the template of a campaign, all changes you may have done in styling and text will be lost.

Popups are the most common campaign display type. They are great for welcome offers, exit-intent popups or cart abandonment campaigns. 

A popup comes with an overlay to grab the visitor's attention, which means the visitor needs to close the popup to interact with the page behind it.


An inline campaign is embedded within the content of a page. 
You can also add inline campaigns in your website's footer, with a call-to-action to subscribe to the newsletter.

To display inline campaigns into your page, you need to add the <div> code of the campaign in your page's HTML code,
where you want the campaign to be shown.

The popup button display type is similar to inline campaigns. With this display type, you can add a button anywhere on a page. When the button is clicked a popup opens. 

Similar to inline campaigns, you need to add the <div> code for the campaign in your page's HTML code, where you want the campaign to be shown.

Slide up

Slide up campaigns are a less intrusive display type. It is great for persistent call-to-actions which you want your visitors to find easily, such as "Subscribe to our Newsletter" or "Contact us".

A slide up campaign is closed by default and opens when clicked.
You can choose to show the slide up at the bottom right or bottom left corners of the page.

Scroll Box

Scroll Box campaigns are another great alternative to popups. They are displayed at the corner of a page allowing your visitors to interact with the rest of the page.

They serve as a more subtle nudge with a call-to-action for your visitors. Scroll Box campaigns are great to promote complementary product categories on category or product pages.

You can choose to show the scroll box at the Bottom Right or Bottom Left corner of the page.

Side Tab

Side tab campaigns are exactly the same as slide up campaigns, with the difference that they are displayed at the sides of a page, rather than at the bottom.  It is great for persistent call-to-actions which you want your visitors to find easily, such as "Subscribe to our Newsletter" or "Contact us".

A side tab campaign is closed by default and opens when clicked. 
You can choose to show the side tab at the right or left side of the page, and position it towards the top, center or bottom of the side of the page.

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