Connect Emarsys to sync leads

With our Emarsys integration, you can easily add the leads you have collected from Socital campaigns into a Emarsys list. 

With Socital's rich subscriber profile such as first name and gender, you can create personalized email campaigns for your subscribers.

Quick Overview

Step 1 Get your API key from Emarsys 
Step 2 Connect your Socital Account with Emarsys 
Step 1 Get your API key from Emarsys

Go to your Emarsys account. In the Admin menu, go to Security Settings and select API users.

Note: You will need to be an EmarsysAccount Owner to access API users. For more info on your Account’s API key, please contact your Emarsys Account Manager.

Create an API user and copy your API key (or ask your Emarsys Account Manager).

Step 2 Connect your Socital Account with Emarsys

Go to Integrations in Account Settings in your Socital account.
Open the drop-down menu in the top right corner and choose “Account Settings”. 

From the left-hand menu open the “Integrations” tab. 

Click on Emarsys.

Enter an internal name for your Emarsys integration.
Enter your Emarsys Username and paste your API Key.
Click on "Connect".

Once the connection is successful you will see the following message.
We are by default adding all Socital fields in your Emarsys account.

Every time a lead is synced to your Emarsys account from Socital they will have extended fields such first name and gender.

Connect a campaign to sync leads to an Emarsys list

Now that you have connected your Emarsys account to Socital, make sure to connect your Socital campaigns with your Emarsys list.

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