Draw winners for giveaways

You can now draw winners for the giveaways you run with Socital.

When the time frame to enter the giveaways has ended, go to your Socital dashboard and click on "Giveaway Winners".

Draw winners

1. Choose Campaigns

First, you need to choose the campaigns at which the participants submitted their participation for the giveaway.
You can choose up to 10 campaigns for a single giveaway draw.

Click on the dropdown to see all your campaigns.

Click on a campaign to add them in the draw. 
You can try to type the name of your campaign to find it in the list.

The campaigns have been selected for the draw.
To remove a campaign from the draw, open the dropdown list and click it again to remove the selection.

2. Enter dates

Enter the dates through which the giveaway was running.
You will draw winners from the people that have opted into the selected campaigns in the set time frame.

The dates have been set.

3. Set number of Winners

Finally, enter a name for your draw (internal), and set the number of winners you wish to draw.
You can draw up to 1000 winners in each draw.

Click on "Draw Winners".

View Winners

At the bottom of the same page, you can see the draw you just created.

Click on "View Winners".
In this page, you can view all the winners of the giveaway.

Redraw a winner

To redraw an individual winner (if you drew someone from your staff, or a winner withdrew their participation), click on "Redraw".

Another winner is drawn automatically, replacing the previous one.

Export Winners

When you are at the main Draws page you can click on "Export" to export the winners of a draw to a CSV file.

The CSV file contains the email address, name (if available) and survey answers given by participants.

Survey answers will contain all the answers given by the winner on any campaign they have opted-into. If you have a question in your giveaway campaigns asking for the participant's phone number or address, you'll be able to see it there in the CSV file.

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