Google Analytics integration for campaigns tracking and revenue attribution

Track your Socital campaigns in your Google Analytics dashboard and the revenue generated from your campaigns.
No set up is required. You only need to have Google Analytics and Socital installed on your website.

Quick Overview

Enable the Google Analytics integration

To enable the Google Analytics integration, go to "Integrations" in your Account Settings.

At the top of the page, click on the toggle switch in Google Analytics integrations, to enable the integration. The integration is now enabled, and Socital campaign events are now being reported in your Google Analytics account.

Check if the integration is working 

To ensure the integration is working go to your Google Analytics account, and under the menu "Realtime" click on "Events". In the Dashboard click on "Events (Last 30 min)".

Go to your website to a page where an active campaign should be displayed according to the targeting rules you have set.

You should start seeing Socital events reported in your Realtime dashboard.

Dashboard for revenue attribution

Import Socital's ready-made Dashboard in your Google Analytics account to track revenue and transactions generated by your Socital campaigns.

Click here to import the Dashboard.

In the right column, you can see the Total Revenue and Transactions generated on your online store,

and the Revenue and Transactions attributed to your Socital campaigns.

  • "Clicked Socital" are the campaigns with a simple redirect button.
  • "Subscribed Socital" are the campaigns with a subscription call-to-action (lead generation campaigns).

In the left column, you can see the Transaction and Revenue for each of your campaigns.

The Event Label is the campaign's ID

To find campaigns based on their ID, go to the "View all Plugins" page in your Socital account,
and paste the campaign ID in the search box.

To find a campaign's ID in your Socital account, edit your campaign to open the editor.
The campaign ID is the last part of the URL in the editor.

You can use the campaign ID to filter your Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics by Event Label and value the campaign ID.

Once you import the Dashboard in your Google Analytics account, you can find it from the left-hand menu under Customization -> Dashboards.

Events reported in Google Analytics

When you enable the integration, we will report the following events in your Google Analytics account:

  • Viewed (when a Socital campaign is viewed on your website by a visitor)
  • Clicked (when a visitor clicks on a promote or cart abandonment campaign with a simple redirect button)
  • Subscribed (when a visitor subscribes to a lead generation campaign).

Specifically, the Event properties for Socital campaigns can be used as dimensions in your reports. 
Event properties passed from Socital are as follows:

  • Event Category: Socital
  • Event Action: Viewed, Subscribed or Clicked
  • Event Label: {{campaign-id}}

Can I filter by campaign in my Google Analytics account?

Yes. We pass the campaign id in the "Event Label" dimension in Google Analytics.
You can use this dimension to view and filter your reports for specific Socital campaigns.

Use for reporting and revenue attribution

You can use these events in the same way that you use and track other custom events in your Google Analytics account.
You can: 

  • create reports to track revenue and transactions for Socital campaigns.
  • create Goals based on these custom events to track conversion.
  • check which channels or campaigns bring more subscribers or promotion clicks on your Socital campaigns.
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