How to create a cart-abandonment popup

Cart-abandonment popups are a must-have for every online store!

Recover abandoned carts the moment a visitor is about to leave the checkout pages.
Increase sales by creating urgency and by incentivizing visitors with reminders about free shipping and more.

See how Laura Ashley recovered 17.7% of abandoned orders with 32.2% CTR

How to set it up

To create a new cart-abandonment popup with a simple redirect button (not lead generation) go to your Socital Dashboard.

From the ready-made campaigns at the top of the page, click "Create Campaign" at the Cart Abandonment Popup.

On the next screen click on "Edit" to open the campaign editor and customize your campaign further.

You can always rename your campaign, change the template, text and styling. 
Below we outline only the most important settings you need to configure for a cart-abandonment popup.

1. Set the redirect page

The first of the two settings that you need to configure for your cart abandonment popup is to set the page to which visitors will be redirected when clicking on the call-to-action of your campaign.

This can be your cart or checkout page. 

Remember this campaign is for visitors abandoning the cart or checkout pages, so you want to redirect them back there.

While you are editing the campaign in the campaign editor in the "Set up" section, scroll further down to " Redirect Buttons".
In the Redirect URL field enter the URL of the page to which you will redirect your visitors when they click on the call-to-action.

In this section, you can also edit the text of the call-to-action button to make it relevant to where you redirect them to.
For example, "Back to my cart", "Complete Purchase", "Complete Order".

1. Set the pages where the popup will be shown

Since this campaign is targeting visitors that are abandoning the cart page or checkout flow, you need to set targeting rules to display this campaign to these pages only.

Go to the " Targeting" section in the campaign editor.

This draft campaign already has a targeting rule to only show this campaign to the page with /cart URL.
If your cart page URL is different, then add it in the existing input field.

If you want to to add more pages to display the cart abandonment campaign such as your checkout pages, click on the drop-down menu and select "Show on specified page only".

Click on the "+" button to add the targeting rule.

Add as many rules as you need, by clicking on the "+" icon. Add the URLs of each page in the input fields of the targeting rules.

Don't forget to save your campaign and activate it!

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