How to create a welcome offer popup

Welcome offer popups are a must-have for every online store!

Grow your email list up to 2x faster with quality leads.
Increase sales by incentivizing new visitors to place their first order with a special discount.

How to set it up

To create a new welcome offer popup for lead generation go to your Socital Dashboard.

From the ready-made campaigns at the top of the page,  click "Create Campaign" at the Welcome Offer Popup.

On the next screen click on "Edit" to open the campaign editor and customize your campaign further.

Targeted to new visitors only

In this case, this campaign is targeted to new visitors only, since we want to create a welcome offer.

If you'd like to change this setting and show the offer campaign to all your visitors or an entirely different audience, go to the "Targeting" section of the campaign editor.

Remove the "Show to new visitors only" rule, and add any other targeting rules you want, based on the audience you want to target with this campaign.

Add coupon code in the success screen

You can always rename your campaign, change the template, text and styling.  
The most important setting you need to configure for a welcome offer popup is to add the coupon code in the success screen.

Generate coupon code

You need to first generate the coupon code in your e-commerce platform.
Follow their instructions on how to generate a coupon code. This coupon code should be generic, and not unique for each subscriber since you will display it in the success screen for all new subscribers to get.

Use a representative name for your coupon code such as WELCOME10 for a 10% discount for new subscribers. Or anything that matches your brand's tone of voice.

Add code in the success screen

In the campaign editor, go to the Success section. 

In the text editor of the success message, paste the coupon code. 

  Style it accordingly to make it eye-catching.

Save your campaign and don't forget to activate it!

Send welcome email with coupon code

You can sync the leads from this campaign to a mailing list in the email marketing tool that you use. 

You can follow the instructions for that here.

You can then set up a welcome email for the leads that come into this list that contains the coupon code.
Follow the instructions on your respective email marketing tool to set up a welcome email.

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