How to create a simple redirect popup to increase sales

Increase sales with simple redirect popups on your online store to:

  • Promote offers and flash sales
  • Promote your best-selling products
  • Cross-sell products on specific categories

Create a simple re-direct popup

1. Open the Campaign Gallery
You can open the campaign gallery by clicking on the "Create Campaign" button at the navigation menu.

2. Filter by "Promote Offers" goal
To find promotional popups with a simple redirect, click on the "Promote Offers" filter under "Goal".

Now you can see different types of simple redirect campaigns, such as bars, seasonal campaigns and simple redirect popups.

3. Create the campaign
We'll use the "Milan" template, which is a simple newsletter subscription popup. Click on the campaign to create it.

4. The campaign is created
You are redirected to the campaign editor to customize your campaign further.

5. Enter Redirect URL

  • In the "Setup" section, enter the Redirect URL.
  • This is the page where your visitors will be redirected to when they click on the call-to-action on this campaign.

6. Style the button
n the "Redirect Buttons" section you can edit the text and styling of the redirect button.

7. Edit text and image
You can also edit the text of your campaign in the text editor.

You can change the campaign's image and styling in the "Design & Content" section of the editor.

8. Don't forget to save your campaign and activate it.

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