Displaying a campaign on specific pages based on query parameter

There are different targeting rules to display campaign on specific pages of your website, based on the structure of the URLs.

Which targeting rule should I use?

The simplest way is to look at the structure of the URLs on your website.

Use Displaying a campaign on specific pages based on URL

Use Displaying a campaign on specific pages based on URL keywords

Use the targeting rule described in this article.

How to set it up

While you are editing your campaign, go to the "Targeting" section of the campaign editor.

Click on the dropdown menu to see the list with the targeting rules.

Scroll further down in the list and click on "Show on URLs with a specific Query".

Click on the "+" button to add the targeting rule.

In the side panel that opens, add the query parameter name.
For example, for /Catalog=87&Category=1000982 the query parameter names are "Catalog" and "Category" 

Select the condition, you can choose from equals, contains and exists.

Enter the parameter value in the text box, and press enter.
For example, for /Catalog=87&Category=1000982 the parameter values are "87" and "1000982".

You can add multiple parameter values, if for example you want to show this campaign to multiple categories.
Enter the additional value in the text box and press enter.

Click on "Done" to submit your changes.

The targeting rule has been added to your campaign.

To edit the targeting rule click on the "Edit" icon and to remove it click on the "x" icon.

Don't forget to save your campaign.

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