Show a campaign to subscribers only

With targeting rules, you can target subscribers with a special campaign.

For example, you may want to run a secret offer to reward subscribers and drive repeat purchases.

How to set it up

While you are editing your campaign, go to the "Targeting" section of the campaign editor.

Click on the dropdown menu to see the list with the targeting rules.

Scroll further down in the list and click on "Show to visitors based on their interaction with other Plugins".

Click on the "+" button to add the targeting rule.

In the side panel that opens, click on "Condition" and select "Has Converted on".

Click on the text box below, and type in the names of each of your past and current newsletter subscription campaigns,
and select to add them in the rule.

Make sure to add all your newsletter subscription campaigns.

Click on "Done".

The targeting rule has been set.

Don't forget to save your campaign.

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