How to add your privacy policy in your campaign

Why is my Privacy Policy needed?

In your privacy policy, you inform your visitors and subscribers about the data you collect, how you use that data, with whom you share it and more.

GDPR Consents

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), explicit consent is required to collect data from users.
With Socital you can easily add GDPR consents to your onsite campaigns, where you can link your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. See how to set up GDPR consents here.

You can additionally add your Privacy Policy within your campaign.

How to set it up

While you are editing your campaign in the campaign editor, go to the "Design & Content" section from the left-hand menu.

In the "Privacy Policy" field, add the URL of the page where your privacy policy is published.

A link to your privacy policy has been added to your campaign.

You can't edit the position where this specific link is placed on your campaign.
Alternatively, you can link your Privacy Policy inside the text of your campaign or in the GDPR consent text.

Don't forget to save your campaign!

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