How to create and add an embedded (inline) campaign into a page

With Socital you can create an inline campaign and embedded within a page, such as in your website's footer or in a landing page.

How to set it up

While you are editing your campaign in the campaign editor, in the "Setup" section, click on "Display Mode".
Note: only the "Simple" template is optimized for inline campaigns.

Select "Inline" from the dropdown list.

Do any changes you wish in the text of your campaign.

We recommend making the campaign's background transparent so that it is embedded easier within your page.
To do that, go to the "Design & Content" section of the editor and slide the "Background Color Transparency" to 100.

Save your campaign.

Embed the inline campaign in a page

Once you have created the inline campaign, you need to add the <div> of the campaign inside the HTML of the page, where you want it to display.

To find the <div> of the campaign, go to Account Settings and then to "Embedded Campaigns" from the left-hand menu.

Find your inline campaign in the list of "Inline campaigns" and copy the <div> of the campaign.

Paste the <div> inside your page's HTML where you want it to display.
You can add "height" and "width" attributes within the campaign's <div> tag to change the width and height of the campaign withing your page.

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