Campaign gallery with ready-made campaigns

You can now create a new campaign through our campaign gallery of ready-made campaigns.


1. What's in the gallery?
2. How to create a new campaign

The gallery is full of ready-made campaigns to achieve your conversion goals and for different special occasions.

Grow mailing list

Use these lead generation campaigns to increase your newsletter subscribers up to 2x faster!

Here you can find simple newsletter subscription or discount campaigns, giveaways and pre-sign up campaigns for major seasonal sales such as Black Friday.

Reduce cart abandonment

Cart abandonment popups are a must-have for every online store! Reduce cart abandonment up to 17%!

Here you can find cart abandonment campaigns with a simple redirect back to cart, lead generation campaigns to subscribe and get a discount or countdown campaigns to create urgency

Don't forget to add your cart and checkout pages on where to show the campaign!
These campaigns are pre-set to be shown to a "/cart" page, so make sure to edit the targeting rule when you create this campaign.

Promote offers

Promote offers, your best-selling products or your current sale to increase sales!

Here you can find simple redirect campaigns, popups or bars and countdown campaigns to ramp up your sales!

Don't forget to edit the link of the campaign button. This is the page where visitors will be taken to when they click on the campaign call-to-action.

Convert exiting visitors

Exit-intent popups to stop abandoning visitors to subscribe to your newsletter before they go or lure them in with an offer.

Here you can find both lead generation campaigns to convert exiting visitors to subscribers and simple redirect campaigns to get them back into your store.


Use the filters on the left to find ready-made campaigns for special occasions, such as Back to School campaigns, Black Friday or the Holidays!

Keep an eye out on this section of the gallery as we will be adding more and more seasonal campaigns for you to launch with just a few clicks.

How to create a new campaign

To open the campaign gallery and create a new campaign simply click on the "Create Campaign" button in the navigation menu from any page.

Use the filters on the left to find the kind of campaign you want to create.

Click on a campaign to create it.

The campaign is created and you are redirected to the campaign editor to make any changes in the copy, styling and targeting rules.

Don't forget to save your campaign after you're done with the changes.

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