Exit-intent on mobile devices

Did you know that more than 70% of traffic, conversions and orders happen on mobile devices?

With Socital you can now run exit-intent campaigns on mobile!

  • Run cart-abandonment campaigns on mobile.
  • Convert exiting visitors with exit-intent popups on mobile.

Already running exit-intent campaigns on your online store? 

No need to do anything. Your exit-intent campaigns are now showing to mobile visitors as well!

How to create an exit-intent popup

1. Open the Campaign Gallery
You can open the campaign gallery by clicking on the "Create Campaign" button at the navigation menu.

2. Filter by "Convert exiting visitors" goal
To find exit-intent popups, click on the " Convert exiting visitors" filter under Goal.

Now you can see different types of exit-intent popups, such as discount campaigns, seasonal campaigns and simple redirect popups.

3. Create the campaign 
We'll use the "Beijing" template, which is a lead generation exit-intent popup. 
Click on the campaign to create it.

4. The campaign is created
You are redirected to the campaign editor to customize your campaign further.
You can change your campaigns text, styling image and add facebook login.

5. Set exit-intent trigger

  • You can make any campaign into an exit-intent popup, by changing its trigger to "Exit Intent".
  • Go to the "Behavior" section of the campaign editor from the left-hand menu.

  • From the drop-down menu select "Exit Intent".

6. Don't forget to save and activate your campaign!

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