To export a Custom Audience to a Mailchimp list:


Tip: To learn more about how to export your Custom Audiences with all the valuable extended data you have collected read our guide on Mailchimp here!


1. Go to the “Custom Audience” tab.




2. Click on “Manage Audiences” on the upper left corner of the Dashboard.




3. A list of your saved Custom Audiences will appear.

Find the Custom Audience you want to export and click on “Export to Mailchimp”.


export button


4. A list of all your Mailchimp lists will appear.

Find and click on the Mailchimp list that you want to export your Custom Audience.


export list


Wait a few seconds for the Audience to be exported.


5. Click “Done” on the success message that appears.


success message


Your Custom Audience is successfully exported to your selected Mailchimp list!