Through our Magento Integration, you are able to import Ecommerce data from Magento onto you Socital account. Socital allows you to import Ecommerce data from Magento for the users that have subscribed through a Socital plugin, and are therefore already in your Socital Users List.


magento integration


This way. you create super-detailed customer profiles, enriched with Ecommerce data from Magento, along with the Social, Demographic and Behavioral data offered from Socital.


The Ecommerce data that you are able to import for each user from Magento onto your Socital account are:


  • The user’s Buying Frequency (One-time Buyer, Repeat Buyer or Not a Buyer)
  • Whether the user is a Registered E-shop User or not
  • The user’s Number of Orders
  • The user’s Total Order Value
  • The user’s Average Order Value
  • The user’s Latest Order Value
  • The user’s Latest Order Date


Socital also allows you to filter your Audience based on the Ecommerce data imported from Magento. You can now create Custom Audiences depending on your user’s Buying Frequency and by Registered E-shop users. This will allow you to super target your users depending on their purchase history and registration status.


Note: You need Magento 1.3 or greater in order to be able to connect your account with Socital.