After a user has successfully subscribed through a plugin on your website, a success event takes place. To configure the success event of your plugin, go to the “Success” tab of the Plugin Builder and choose the success event you desire.




These are the success events that you can choose from:


1. Show a Success Message

You can edit the Success Message Title and Subtitle.

You can display the Visitors captured name and email address by adding the {{name}} and {{email address}} tags within the text.


2. Success Redirect URL

You can add the URL of a page that the visitor will be directed to when successfully connecting through the Plugin.

3. Activate Recommendations

This option applies only if you have selected the “Success Message” as a success event. With this option, you can add to your success message a Recommendation in the form of a clickable image. When the visitor clicks on the image he will be directed to the URL that you have set. This image can be different based on the visitor’s gender. The success message, however, is the same for all visitors.

To see more on how you can activate recommendations and benefit from this feature, read our article here.

Tip: To preview what your success screen looks like, simply switch to the  “Successful Submission” view on the bottom left of your preview screen. Keep in mind that if you choose a Success Redirect URL as your success event, you will not see a preview.


recommendation 6


Note: Don’t forget to click on “Save” on the left-hand menu before exiting the builder after making any changes!