You can now import your Existing Email Database in your Socital Account and get an insightful view of your audience. Socital will generate a Socital Individual Profile for each of your email subscribers,  which will appear in your Users List in your Socital Dashboard.


What kind of information do I get for each of my email records?


Depending on the quality and the structure of the email address, we will be able to populate their Socital profiles with the following information and data:

  • Gender
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • First Name Normalized in the Vocative Tense to proper address subscribers
  • Age
  • Work Data

Please see an example below:

Type of Bundle Data Attribute Examples Values
Email Email Address Valid email address
Name First Name John Kostas Text
Family Name Smith Pappas Text
Demographics Gender Male Male Male, Female
Age Range 25-35 <18, 18-25, 25-35,35-45,45-55, 56-65, >65
Professional Email No Yes Yes, No
Email Provider Gmail Business Business, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.
Company Name Company Text
Country UK Greece Text
Normalized Name* Normalized First Name John Κώστας Text
Normalized Family Name Smith Παππάς Text
Address by First Name John Κώστα Text


How long does it take to Import all of my subscribers in my Socital account?


Depending on the number of your email records, generating all of their profiles might take some time as we are fetching all the data from your CSV and running our analysis. You will be able to see their Socital Profiles gradually being generated in your Users List and progressively being populated with information.


Can I try this out even if I don’t have a Socital account?


Yes! Register today for a Socital account to analyze the first 10k emails for free.

Click here to Register for an account. One of our Customer Success Agents will activate your account and you will be ready to proceed.


How can I import my subscribers in my Socital Account?


  1. Login to and navigate to Data Collect from the top bar menu. To open the “Import Email Database” either click on the card in the Dashboard or from the left-hand menu under “Import”.

Import CSV

2. In the CSV Importer, Choose the file to be uploaded and set email notification preferences. Click Import.

Only files of type .csv and .txt can be selected. Your file should contain email addresses only. If your content contains any special characters make sure you upload a UTF-8 file to achieve maximum compatibility. File size must not exceed 4.0 MB.

Import your CSV

3. In the progress bar top-right, the Email analysis limit is displayed along with the current number of analyzed Email addresses.

Import Limit


4. Once the CSV file is uploaded, a confirmation message will be shown.


Success Message



5. If you choose to be notified when the Email Analysis is completed, then you will receive an email with a detailed report on the number of emails you imported, the date, the percentage of your records which we were able to calculate gender for and your remaining email credits for future analysis.


Client email notification


What happens if I reach my analysis limit?

1. Please note that if you reach the Email analysis limit (in case you are on a free trial that limit would be 10k analyzed email addresses), your email analysis will be paused. In that case, you can request a quote to increase your analysis limit, by clicking on the info icon next to the limit area and then click on the “GET QUOTE” button.

Get Quote

2. Once the “Get Quote” button is clicked, a confirmation message will be shown. One of our Account Managers will get in touch with you to discuss the limit increase.

3. Once your limit is increased, your analysis will resume.