Through our Moosend integration, you can easily export your customers’ profiles with all their aggregated data to your Moosend lists!

We have gathered in the table below all the Socital fields you could export to Moosend along with their available values to help you better setup your segments and email campaigns!



Field Name When is it exported? Field type and options Values
Email address Exported by default
Full Name Optional text
Gender Optional SingleSelectDropdown – Options: ‘Male, Female’ Male, Female
Age Optional text up to 18

18 to 25

25 to 35

35 to 45

45 to 55

55 to 65

over 65

Location Optional text
Influence Score Optional text Low, Medium, High, Very High
Spending Capacity Optional text Low, Medium, High, Very High
Reach Optional text Low, Medium, High, Very High
First Name Optional text
Normalized First Name Optional text
Address by First Name Optional text
Formal First Name Optional text
Last Name Optional text
Normalized Last Name Optional text
Address by Last Name Optional text
Languages Optional text
English Speaker Optional SingleSelectDropdown – Options: ‘Yes, Unknown’ Yes, Unknown
FB Friends Optional Integer
Twitter Followers Optional Integer
LinkedIn Connections Optional Integer
Providers Optional text
Source Optional text
Acquisition Date Optional DateTime
Acquisition Time Optional Integer
Number of Logins Optional Integer
New/Returning User Optional SingleSelectDropdown – Options: ‘No interactions, New User, Returning User’ No interactions

New User

Returning User

Referring Domain Optional text
Campaign Optional text
Acquisition Domain Optional text
Acquisition Page Optional text
Timezone Optional text
Device Type Optional text Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Is Professional Email Optional SingleSelectDropdown – Options: ‘Yes, No’ Yes, No
Email Provider Optional text
Browser Optional text
Operating System Optional text
Top Interests Optional text
Locations Of Interest Optional text
Survey Answers Optional text
Job Title Optional text
Company Optional text
Industry Optional text
E-commerce Optional SingleSelectDropdown – Options: ‘Not a buyer, One time buyer, Repeat buyer’ Not a buyer

One time buyer

Repeat buyer

Registered E-shop User Optional SingleSelectDropdown – Options: ‘Yes, No’ Yes, No
Total Number of Orders Optional Integer
Total Order Value Optional Decimal
Avg Order Value Optional Decimal
Latest Order Value Optional Decimal
Latest Order Date Optional DateTime
ProductIDs Optional text