1. Log into Socital, from top right corner open Account Settings and go to “Installation”.
  2. Click on the “Install with Google Tag Manager” option.
  3. Copy your Socital script
  4. Go to Google Tag Manager > New tag > Custom HTML Tag
  5. Paste the script into the HTML field
  6. Add async=true parameter in the script
  7. Choose to fire the tag on All Pages
  8. Create tag > Save > Publish

In order to make Socital Plugins visible on your website, you need to add the Socital script into the code of your site. This needs to be done only once. If you are using Google Tag Manager you can use it to add the Socital script into your website.


Step 1

Open the Google Tag Manager, click to add a New Tag, then click on “Tag Configuration” and choose “Custom HTML” from the list of the available tag types.


1 Add new tag


2 Tag Configuration


3 Custom HTML

Step 2

Log in to your Socital account, from the top right corner open Account Settings.


open account settings


Go to Installation from the left-hand menu.


Installation menu in account settings


Copy your Socital Script.


copy script


Step 3

Go back to Google Tag Manager and paste the script into the HTML field.


5 Add parameter async equals true


Step 4

After you add the Socital script on the HTML editor, click on the checkbox to enable the “Support.document.write” option underneath the editor.

Support Doc write

Step 5

Click on “Triggering” and choose to fire the tag on All Pages.


6 Triggering


7 All pages


Step 6

Name your tag and click “Save”.

8 Name and Save tag


Preview and then publish the changes as you usually do when making any changes in the Google Tag Manager.

9 Publish tag

The Socital script has now been added to your website, making your active Socital Plugins visible to your visitors.