What is the new “Promote Offers” campaign type all about?

Promote Offers plugin is designed to help e-commerce stores reduce their Cart Abandonment rates, promote easily high stock products on-site, encourage cross-sell and create loyalty flows for returning visitors.



How does this work?

You can use this type of on-site campaigns simply to redirect visitors on specific pages, without requiring them to submit their data (email address, etc).



How can I set-up my own “Promote Offers” on-site campaign?

1. Login to your Socital account.



2. Click on the “Add New” sign on the bottom right corner of the Promote Offers campaign type.Add new Promote plugin


3. You are now redirected inside the campaign editor.

Here is a quick preview of the different components of the campaign editor:

Configuration Menu: On the left part of your screen you will see the Configuration Menu. The Configuration Menu is where you will see all the different configuration options while creating your on-site campaign.

Navigation Bar:  Navigate through Setup, Design & Content, Behavior and Targeting rules.

Preview Screen: On the right part of the screen, the preview screen is located. Here you can see a live preview of your on-site campaign while editing. Plus, you can switch between Desktop, Tablet and Mobile views.

Promote Offers Campaign Editor



4. Save & Exit: On the bottom left corner of the campaign editor you can save your on-site campaign and return to the Data Collect page. If you Exit without Saving then all changes will be lost.

Save Promote plugin


Which are the most popular Use Cases and how can I set them up step-by-step?

A. Exit Pop-up on the cart page.

B. Promote seasonal offers or products in high stock.

C. Increase cross-sales

D. Create loyalty commercial messages.


Contact our support at support@socital.com to explore the rest of the Use Cases.