Objective: Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate by 11%. (Read our Case Study with Laura Ashley.)



1. Log in to your Socital account, land to the Data Collect page and choose to add a new Promote Offers on-site campaign from the plus sign button on the bottom right of the Promote Offers card.

Add new Promote plugin



2. Name your Cart Abandonment campaign. The Display Mode of this campaign shall be “Pop-up” and finally, you can choose a responsive template that matches your e-shop’s look and feel from our template gallery.

Creat Cart Abandonment popup



3. Scroll further down in the Set-up menu to locate the “Redirect Buttons” section.



4. You need to add the URL where you’d like to redirect your visitors to (hint: in this case, it is going to be the URL of your checkout or cart page) and then you can apply some styling to your button text, font, size and color.

Pro Tip: Tag your URL with a UTM parameter so you can track the revenue you gain from the orders you will recover through this on-site campaign inside your Google Analytics dashboard.

If you need help tagging your URL, please refer to Google’s URL builder here to check our example.

Promote Plugin Edit Button



5. Scroll further down to edit your campaign’s text.



6. Make sure you add some high converting text here.

Hint: communicate your strongest unique offerings and value propositions to incentivize them get back on track and complete their orders.

Promote Plugin Edit text



7. Switch to the “Design & Content” tab from the left-handed configuration menu and format your Pop-ups style as you wish. You can drag and drop a background image and further edit text fonts, colors and your Pop-up’s backdrop.


Promote Plugin Edit banner



8. Once you are done with formatting the styling, you will need to switch to the “Behavior” tab of your configuration menu.



9. Set your Pop-up’s trigger to “Exit Intent”, because we want to target only people that are about to exit your website and abandon their checkout flow.

Promote plugin trigger



10. Final thing before you save your campaign; set the page where your on-site campaign is going to be triggered at. For this, you’ll need to switch on the final tab of the configuration menu, the “Targeting” one.



11. Click on the drop-down menu and select the “Show on specified page only” option.

Promote plugin set targeting



12. Click on the plus sign icon to add the rule in your campaign.

Promote plugin add rule



13. Once you’ve clicked the plus sign icon, a text placeholder opens, where you shall add the slug URL of the page where you want to have this campaign visible at.

Hint: of course, this is going to be the Cart or the Checkout page.

Pro Tip: Please make sure that you enter your slug URL properly. E.g. for www.yourwebsite.com/cart/checkout you shall add /cart/checkout



14. Your configuration is completed. Click “Save” on the bottom left of your screen in order to save all your changes.

Promote plugin target page



15. You can activate your new campaign and make it visible to your e-shop by clicking on the status button.

Note: if you already have your Socital script installed on your website, this action will automatically turn the campaign live and visible on your website.

Promote plugin activation


Please contact our support at support@socital.com in case you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!