Do you want to:

✓ run daily campaigns that start and end at midnight?

✓ end your New Year’s Eve campaign on 31st of December at 23:59?

You can now schedule your Socital campaigns!

With our NEW campaign scheduler, you can now create your campaign at your own time, and:

  • schedule the start of your campaign (this is when it will start showing on your online store),
  • and/or schedule the end of your campaign (this is when it will be taken down automatically).

How to schedule your campaign

1. Create your campaign.

2. Go to the “View all Plugins” page from your dashboard.




3. Click on the clock icon under “Actions” for the campaign you want to schedule.




4. Choose the start date and time and/or the end date and time. 

Note: you can schedule a start date & time, an end date &time or both.




5. Click on “Save”. 




6. If you wish to change the schedule of your campaign, click on the clock icon again, edit and save again.




7. Once the scheduled activation or de-activation has taken place, the status of your schedule will be updated.